My name is Alex

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Hey, ya’ll! My name is Alex. I believe in Jonny, Jack, and John 3:16. I was raised in a small town in Alabama. The best way to describe me is a southern belle with an Italian attitude. I am your typical, single 27 year old. I enjoy spending time with my friends or staying in my bed watching Netflix and praying it doesn’t ask me, ”Are you still watching.” Why must it ask?


Football and fall weather are the perfect combination in my opinion. If shopping was an Olympic sport, I would place gold every single time. My favorite thing to do growing up in Alabama was spending time at the lake or river and going tubing. I enjoy fishing, but refuse to bait my own hook. When I was younger, if I wanted to spend time with my dad, I would have to go to the hunting land and because of it I have a pretty good shot. I believe that music is what keeps the world turning, or at least my world. I try not to judge people and stay open minded, but like most people I sometimes fail at it.


History fascinates me. I will Google everything. Seriously, anything and everything. I nerd out when it comes to Harry Potter. I am a huge reader, but don’t read as much as I used to. Well, I guess that’s not exactly true. These days I mainly read children’s books. I love to talk and will talk to anybody who will listen. Sometimes my mouth doesn’t have a filter, but it’s never mean. I make friends easily and my true friends become part of my family.


I’m a huge believer in love. Not necessarily a romantic kind of love, but more of a sisterly love. My two best friends, Jenny and Stefannie, have been wonderful friends to me and loved me through everything. I can tell those two anything and not worry if they are going to judge me. They are good mixture to have when it comes to best friends. They have stood beside me during my darkest days, held my hand through sad times, and laughed with me at the good times. I will drop anything for my friends.


I went to college and majored in Early Childhood Education, but realized that college just wasn’t my thing at that time in my life. I worked back and forth between a daycare and being a nanny until SouthernLINC offered me a sales job. Up until that point in my life, I never had a job where kids weren’t involved and this excited me. I was fantastic as a sales girl, but I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life. I really enjoyed being a nanny right out of college,so that is what I sought out to do.


I was a live-in nanny for two families before coming to be a nanny for the best family in Washington State. The dual military couple (I refer to them as G.I Joe and G.I. Jane) that I nanny for have two wonderful children, Half Pint (HP) and Quarter Pint (QP). I love HP and QP with all my heart and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Yes, there are some rough, long days, but knowing I am helping raise two wonderful kids makes everything worth it.


So, here I am, a small town Alabama girl living in Washington State. Everyday it still surprises my friends back home that I am still out here making a life for myself. This Southern girl is going to keep surprising and impressing everyone.After all, I am G.I. Nanny now. What’s not to be impressed about?!?!

Professional Skills

I like to keep my skills at the top of my game

Coffee Brewing


Diaper Changing