Yes! Remember that I am the nanny and that I am here to help them.

When you are away from your loved ones don’t you miss them? Sometimes I miss being right down the street from them and that we can’t just meet up. However I am glad that I am experiencing life in Washington.

If I really wanted to go home for a special event Jane and Joe would make it happen for me. I have been home four times now and enjoyed each time that I was able to make it back home. Unfortunately living in Washington and being from Alabama the cost to travel is rather high.

Yes! Wherever they go I will gladly follow.

Yes I do! It is something that we have all talked about and it is what we all want. Clearly we know that life happens and that I might get married some day and have to leave. However, I know that in ten years I still want to be taking care of Half Pint and Quarter Pint.

Just like any other job you discuss what is expected upfront. So yes just because I live in does not mean that I do not have Saturdays and Sundays off. Although I was a nanny for one family where I was expected to work from 6am until noon on Saturdays. Now if I am needed for that weekend then we will discuss what time I am needed and whether or not I am available.

Each family that you nanny for is different. Some families will have you share the guest bathroom or share a bathroom with the kids. I currently have my own bedroom and bathroom.

Again things are discussed before hand. G.I. Jane does most of the cooking at night. Now that G.I. Joe is deployed and Jane is working later I normally start supper and she finishes it or I will cook the whole meal. Some days, just like anyone else, we don’t want to cook so we go and grab Chick-Fil-A or just find stuff to eat in the pantry.