The toy I hate the most…

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Right before Christmas G.I Jane asked me if I had any suggestions for Christmas gifts for the kids. I told her all about this one red donkey that a friend of ours had and how much I think Quarter Pint would really like it once he was a little older.

So she buys the donkey and on Christmas morning Half Pint was beside herself that the little red donkey was at our house just like it was at our friends house. To this day I regret making the suggestion for the little red donkey.

Half Pint has stolen the darn thing from Quarter Pint. She is constantly asking for the stupid thing. She is always bouncing around the kitchen, living room, and dining room. I tell her all the time to stay off the hardwood floor, but she seems to always forget.

She is always running over her brother with his own Christmas gift. She blows past him and fusses at him for being in her way! She even wants the donkey to sleep in her bed with her at night. I am pretty sure she does that so nobody else gets the donkey first thing in the morning.

Maybe it’s a good thing that she keeps a close eye on it because everyday I struggle with not throwing it away!

What toys do you have in your toy box that you just dread and wish to throw away? One you only keep because it’s the kids favorite toy.

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  • MessikaMommy
    August 24, 2015

    haha! Just wait until she gets tall enough for the big blue bounce-on ball. Half the time I will catch K swinging it by the handle around room, regardless of her sister’s presence. (This is why we can’t have nice things!) I let them keep the bouncers because it’s the best way to burn energy during the long wet winter. Sorry!

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